Running and calisthenics versus weight training for beginner

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Exercising on a regular basis is the key to having a healthy lifestyle, but your specific goals will determine the type of workouts that you find most effective. Running, doing calisthenics and weight training make you burn calories, improve strength and increase muscular endurance, but everyone can benefit more in their respective categories.

Running burn calories

weight training

When running and weight training you burn more calories than doing calisthenics or lifting weights. If you weigh 72 kilos, you will burn approximately fifteen calories for every minute you run, compared to nine calories per minute if you lift weights. You will achieve similar rates if you weigh more or less 72 kilos. Many calisthenics go to the cardiovascular category, so you can also burn more calories than lifting weights

Lifting weights increase strength

weight training

Weight training stimulates the muscles beyond normal activity. While they recover, the stimulated muscles grow and sometimes more than they were before. Using machines or dumbbells can help you focus on one muscle at a time, which is not possible with some calisthenics. Although calisthenics can stimulate muscles in a similar way to lifting weights, the strength potential is much greater when lifting. With the calisthenics, you are limited to how much you carry.

Calisthenics increases resistance and flexibility

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Exercises in which you use bodyweight training as resistance can help you improve resistance by stimulating muscles through repetition. Since the weights are not attached, many calisthenics helps you improve flexibility by making your body move naturally. Calisthenics such as lizards and bars will make you gain strength significantly, so lifting weights is not the only way to increase strength. If you prefer calisthenics, but they become very easy, try to slow them down with each repetition.

Safety advise and considerations

Always warm up or weight training before exercising and stretching after heating. Drink plenty of fluids and when you have finished exercising, cool down and stretch again. Exercises with weights and calisthenics should always be done properly and maintaining the correct form through the series is crucial to avoid hurting you. If you can not keep doing an exercise with the same shape you started with, stop and take some time to breathe.


They are exercises that involve numerous gross motive movements: pushing, grabbing, running, etc. They are typically performed rhythmically, without the use of any equipment. In short, it is weight training with one’s own body weight. The main purpose of calisthenics is to strengthen the body, maintain flexibility and physical form through various movements.

When performed energetically, calisthenics has muscle and aerobic conditioning benefits, as well as psychomotor skills such as coordination, agility, and balance.

Benefitsweight training


The most pronounced benefit of calisthenics compared to weight training is its ease of practice and flexibility. The moment you master the correct technique for the different exercises, the requirements to do them are minimal. All you need is enough space to perform powerful movements such as jumping, striding, sit-ups, and squats.

Increased muscle, especially for beginners:

If what you are looking for are ways to increase muscles without lifting weights, calisthenics is the best way. However, this is not something a bodybuilder can choose. The essence of the musculature is progressive resistance. However, beginners will find that calisthenics is a great help because it creates a considerable mass of muscle and maintains it. In addition, it generates muscle without having to suffer tears and traumatisms that are common when you train with weights.

We are still animals, do not forget it. Our body is a complex machine of gears that work in absolute homeostasis. Do not try to fool it with gadgets and new age weight training machines or shoes that tighten and deform our feet.

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