5 marketing books for small businesses in the world

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In your role as small businesses, you may not have the resources to invest in training courses. In that case, and in many others, turning to literature may be a good idea. Especially in the new universe of digital marketing, the supply of works is very large. Learn about five marketing books for small businesses and discover how to maximize your results in the virtual environment.

Reading as a rating instrument

small businesses

It is already a tradition in the small businesses world and in the publishing sector: year after year, Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, makes a ranking with his five best books of the season. Considered one of the richest men in the world, with a fortune estimated at the US $ 79 billion by the American magazine Forbes, he keeps updating himself.

Gates knows the benefits of reading habits for the mind and for business. This practice improves concentration as if it were a kind of fuel for the brain. In times of information overload, this can be very important for people in leadership positions or in front of a company.

That said, there is no excuse to avoid reading. If the richest man in the world has time to devote himself to this practice, what is your argument for not spending an hour a day reading?

Five marketing books for small businesses

Positioning in Search Engines –

small businesses

It refers to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the book has details about the mystery of search engine algorithms. It is a manual with methodologies and tactics quite useful to improve the positioning of your page in a short time.

Web Analytics 2.0 –

small businesses

Considered one of the main authors in this area, Avinash Kaushik explores the analysis of data in the Web with enough property in his book Web Analytics 2.0, The art of web analysis and science that focuses on the client. If you want to discover how to measure, analyze and make decisions in the virtual environment, this is a good choice.

Content Marketing: strategies to attract customers –

small businesses

Content marketing is a solution for many companies to generate value and engage customers indirectly. To discover how to create quality content, analyzing the target audience and the formats available for this strategy, it is worth reading the book by Eva Sanagustín, a good Latin American reference among marketing books for small businesses.

The long tail –

With the internet, the recipe for various segmented products (with low sales volume) is the same as the recipe for a few highly successful products (and large sales volume). That is the argument of Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of the American magazine Wired, in the book The Long Tail. The work is considered one of the great references in the area of marketing and small businesses of the 21st century.

3rd Generation Social Media –

small businesses


How to make a strategic use of social networks and reach visibility in such a disputed niche? Javier Godoy has the answers to these and other questions in the book that analyzes the position of brands in the social media scene.

Learning requires dedication

Finally, it is important to remember that knowledge does not come without a good deal of dedication. It does not help to buy the book, pass the eyes doing a dynamic reading and leave it on the shelf as an object of decoration. It is necessary to be willing to analyze the work thoroughly, study the cases and find solutions to any doubts.

In the same way, it is interesting to put some of the author’s small businesses ideas into practice. Besides collaborating with the immersion in the content, this technique allows to validate the processes and to potentiate the learning.

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