The keys to bathroom remodel near me successfully

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Ask any remodeling contractor and he will tell you that completely The keys to bathroom remodel near me successfully is one of the most difficult projects. Even when it comes to dismantling a bathroom up the rafters. It is not that there is a specific element of the remodeling of the bathrooms that is very difficult to carry out: almost all of us can place plates, install beams and slabs, and trim the back of a toilet cabinet.

The challenge of remodeling bathrooms successfully is that you have to do everything in a very small space, in a short time and with a fixed budget. And generally, in the process, you have to direct plumbers and electricians, deal with bathroom furniture and 3,000 pounds of rubble, without counting the odd surprise of those who usually keep a house.

The keys to remodeling bathrooms successfully are in planning, programming, and communication. And the sooner you take control of all this, the better you will handle the details of the project and the margin of utility that you pay. The first step to successfully reshape bathrooms begins with a meeting with the client to achieve several objectives:

bathroom remodel near me

Plumber and electrician.

bathroom remodel near me

I try to start the meeting by having my subcontractors review the work with the owner and me. In the estimate, I give the client a price of how much I think the part of them will cost within the project of the remodeling of the bathroom.

However, I like the plumber to see every inch of visible pipe between the main water inlet and bathroom remodel near me drain to discover anything unexpected, such as strange drain connections, rusted parts or building code issues from previous jobs. The same with the electrician. If they detect something, I can adjust the client’s expectations before I take them by surprise. This is something that all customers like. I also check all the taps between the main entrance and the bathroom in case you need them in an emergency.

 Checklist for remodeling bathrooms successfully

bathroom remodel near me

Next, I give the client a checklist and review it together bathroom remodel near me. It only takes a few minutes and includes things like these:


Where can I park? Where can my people park? Do you need parking permits? Is there a security code or code for the access gate? Are there restrictions in areas or on street sides that I need to be aware of in order to avoid fines, etc.?


Can I put a dumpster in the entrance or on the street? If you allow me, can the garbage truck get there?


The client’s pet is the client’s responsibility. Remind them that there will be windows and doors open.


Can I use the front door or should I use the back door or the garage entrance? Is there a decorative mat that should be rolled up or something?


There will be dust in the house. My estimate includes a cost line for a cleaning service. If the client wants to clean his own house, I eliminate that cost.


I want to store the toilet cabinets, the sinks, the toilet, etc., in a room adjacent to the bathroom where I am going to work. That’s possible? Where else can I store them under the roof?

Building materials.

 bathroom remodel near me

When possible, I keep my materials in “bunk beds” or easels in the order in which I need them. If I can do it in a garage, great. If not, can I prepare a place in the yard where I can store beams, drywall, etc.? Is there a garden or garden that could be ruined if I do that?

Most of the mess that happens when remodeling a bathroom remodel near me happens between the meeting with the client and the moment in which the subcontractors finish the installation. This is where you risk dusting the client’s house, leaving the house to find your vehicle covered in fines, or the plumber does not show up for two days and ruins your entire work schedule.

If you are able to manage the process until it is time to install the framework, you can maximize profits and increase customer satisfaction more easily.

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