Best Seven Tips For An Outdoor Wedding Program

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Nothing more romantic and elegant than a ceremony at sunset Outdoor Wedding by an extraordinary natural environment of exotic plants, sea or waterfalls

The alternatives are many, usually, it is open spaces with spectacular views, or surrounded by a natural charm to enjoy moments of great magic and charm with family and friends.

Seven tips for a perfect outdoor wedding

outdoor wedding

A wedding in a garden, park, beach or country can result in an extraordinarily charming and beautiful event as long as you take good care of certain details that can surely make a difference.

To move better

outdoor wedding

It is important to verify the evenness of the outdoor Wedding area where the couple and the guests will circulate, whether it is grass or sand, for a safe and comfortable mobilization.

A good cut of grass and combed sand for that day, as well as the check of pests of ants or other insects in the area, will be very important to avoid any inconvenience.

To see it better

In the case of events with more than 50 guests, it is important to design a space so that everyone can have access to see the development of the ceremony. To do this, accommodating the fan-shaped chairs surrounding the altar is the best alternative, ensuring a good view of all the assistance.

Also, give the altar a little height by raising the level of the bride and groom with a platform, facilitates the viewing and enjoyment of the guests, while correcting possible irregularities in the terrain.

To hear it better

A very important aspect to keep in mind at outdoor weddings is sound.The nerves of the couple can make them speak lower than normal, or the wind can play tricks on us and take the words, so the use of microphones and sound amplifiers is required to ensure that all assistance can listen in detail every exciting and endearing moment of the ceremony.

To enjoy it better

outdoor wedding

If the Outdoor Wedding takes place during the day in hot season, it is essential to have an awning or tent to cover the sun and ensure the full enjoyment of the guests, while helping to create a space and climate really cool, very welcoming and dreamlike.For hot nocturnal weddings it is important to take into account the presence of insects, so that insecticide torches will help to avoid any discomfort and discomfort while being a very elegant and romantic decorative resource.

Have a plan B in case of rain

outdoor wedding

Unless you live in a place where it rains very little and where there are months of the year that it does not rain, it is healthy, that you place a covered place where you can move the tables, chairs and other utensils. It is advisable to make the transfer of everything, in case the threat of rain is imminent and not wait for the rain to start falling and all run out to avoid getting wet.

Space for dancing

If you want your wedding to be remembered by people for a long time, it should be fun and the best way to do it is by dancing. Make sure you have adequate space for this, if there is not, you can rent a platform of an appropriate size, depending on the number of guests.


This type of wedding does not need a very sophisticated decoration, of course, that depends on the taste and style of each one, but elements such as branches, rustic fabrics, mud ornaments, etc. They are phenomenal and are great savings.

The idea is to take advantage of everything that the place already has, to make it look nice and cozy as decorating the trees of the place with organza or ribbons is an excellent outdoor Wedding idea.




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