Ways to generate business ideas (mainly the third)

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As you know, knowing ways to generate business ideas is undoubtedly an extraordinary key to success, to find your formula, your key and perform more and more.

When I say to realize ourselves, I mean both to realize ourselves personally and inwardly, as to realize ourselves in an economic sense and obtain income and profits ( if they are passive, better).

Observe what already exists in other countries

generate business ideas

You will have seen this strategy in operation if you are assiduous to the television programs. Series, realities or programs in general that are broadcast and work in other countries are adapted to ours to generate business ideas the UK, US, Mexican, Colombian, etc.

If you want to know the trends of your sector in other countries, you just have to go online and look for what is cooked in other latitudes, especially in more developed countries than yours. What now works there, and that in yours may seem unimaginable, may cease to be soon and become the forerunner of something really successful. People are basically the same everywhere. What works in one place can also work in another. It will become something innovative and original at first, and subsequently profitable.

Go out and talk with customers ( get out of the building )

generate business ideas

Going out to talk with customers is the fundamental step to check if everything we have come up with is actually fulfilled. Most of the processes fail because entrepreneurs generate business ideas are left without this step, without checking if their ideas are based on real needs. It is necessary to check the starting hypothesis, before launching ourselves to build a prototype, invest time, money and enthusiasm in a project that may not be worthwhile.

Identify benefits and select the most appropriate solution

generate business ideas

Identifying benefits is important to make a selection of all the ideas we have had to solve the problems. We will choose the solution or solutions that provide the most benefits or solve the most pressing problems of our clients. The selection process is best done with team members because it is better to have different perspectives to choose the generate business ideas.

Find what problems our customer segment has

In this phase what we want is to find problems of our customer segment, which are the starting point of many methodologies, such as, for example, lean startup. It is time to generate business ideas. But the first step to knowing ” how business ideas are generated “, is to not focus on solutions, what we are looking for in this phase are problems. What problems do we think our customer segment has and for that, we will use some techniques, such as the gamestorming technique.

Identify an attractive customer segment related to our innovative business ideas

generate business ideas

Think of a target customer segment, a customer with whom we want to work, know, and empathize. Sometimes it happens that we think of clients whose profile is so different from our tastes, hobbies, behaviors or ideas that it is very difficult for us to identify with them. Therefore, the first step is to find a client segment that is attractive to us and make it as concrete as possible, in order to be clear about who that customer is and empathize with them.

Propose solutions to the problems detected

Once we have target customers and problems to solve, what we do is generate business ideas solutions that satisfy those customers. The process of generation of solutions (which will lead to innovative ideas for companies) can be based again on the technique of Gamestorming, and of course, the star tool in all creative process is the Postits.

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