Why Vehicle Fleet Management Is Important

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Vehicle Fleet Management is all about maximising efficiency, reducing costs and maintaining good customer relationships. When fleet vehicles are deployed across the business, there is a requirement for a robust management system to ensure that every vehicle is accounted for and tracked accordingly. This requires not only the equipment to record data but also computer software to record and report it all. Fleet management can include anything to do with vehicle tracking, fuel management, driver management, vehicle telematics, driver scheduling or tracking and maintenance checks. Vehicle Fleet Management like MPH Vehicle Solutions are set up for this.

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There are several ways in which you can minimise your fuel consumption, one of the most cost-effective being GPS tracking systems. GPS tracking systems can give fleet managers the real-time information on fuel consumption, which they can then use to cut costs by analysing how vehicles are being deployed to optimise fuel consumption. With this information they can cut down on travel time and improve the flow of resources into and out of the workplace, which not only saves money but improves customer relations too. Fleet management should be customer focused too, so when a driver isn’t being productive or is wasting fuel he or she should be tracked to find out what is causing the problem and devise methods of improving the performance. A GPS tracking system will also tell managers when drivers are travelling over mileage beyond what is allowed, allowing them to allocate drivers accordingly.

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Another area of vehicle fleet management to keep an eye on is the maintenance of the fleet vehicles themselves. When vehicles are properly maintained they are far less likely to breakdown and if they do break down, they are usually easier to repair. Regular maintenance checks on the integrity of bodywork and engines are also important as a well-maintained vehicle is much more likely to run smoothly than one that has had maintenance work done to it. When new vehicles are bought, they are required to undergo maintenance checks as part of the ownership process, and these checks are often carried out by the same maintenance facility where the vehicles were first purchased, so ensuring that the same company keeps track of the condition of each vehicle is very important.


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