What are the benefits of the internet for individuals and companies

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Google controls all my movements, I cannot spend even 5 minutes without taking a look at my Twitter timeline and the mobile I bought through a second-hand portal turned out to be a scam. On days like this, it is inevitable that you ask me what are the benefits of the internet.

What are the benefits of the internet

benefits of the internet

The Internet has undoubtedly changed our habits and continues to do so with its constant evolution. Its multiplatform development and high speeds give us a number of possibilities but, at the same time, expose us to risks that we must identify. It is up to us to get the most out of it.

Instant communication

Applications like WhatsApp or email allow you to send and receive electronic messages. Messages are delivered instantly to benefits of the internet people anywhere in the world, unlike traditional mail that takes a long time.

And to think that only 100 years ago could have taken more than a month to hear from a friend who lived in another country.

Unlimited information

benefits of the internet

The Internet is the largest information bank that exists. Any type of information on any subject that occurs to you is available on the Internet. In addition, you can access that information easily thanks to the search engines (you have already checked when searching on Google what are the benefits of the internet.

The largest shopping center in the world

Despite my bad experience with the second-hand mobile I bought, I must admit that on the Internet you can buy everything (legal and illegal, although I do not have the experience, ahem). Buying without leaving home is one of the greatest advantages that the internet has brought to our lives.


There is no doubt about what is one of the greatest benefits of the internet for companies: profitability. Advertise on Google, Facebook or Twitter is, for the moment, much cheaper than doing it on the radio or on television. In addition, it offers better results since it allows you to segment the audience and in most cases, you only pay if people see your ad or click on it.


The Internet often makes us forget about borders because it makes it possible to relate to people from any part of the planet. This is how he keeps us in touch with friends and family who are outside the country.


We have so much information at our disposal that it seems to have no limits and that it grows in real time. This is a great opportunity for education and self-learning.

Free Opinion

The Internet is a platform where we can express ourselves freely and without censorship on any subject. The debates, forums and citizen participation contribute to democracy.


benefits of the internet

The network is an undeniable space for leisure, where its offer can satisfy a lover of cinema, TV, music, video games, etc. Their community alternatives also take center stage, here networks and social mobile applications take center stage.


Small entrepreneurs can offer their products and services, as well as create new purely electronic business opportunities. Likewise, a permanent link can be created between the company and its customers through this means.

Advantages of benefits of the internet for children

benefits of the internet

It is an excellent way of communication.

Immediate, fast and effective. Children can be connected to people who are in other countries or to be in permanent contact with relatives who are far away.

It is a direct door to knowledge.

Children no longer have to wait for their parents to buy an encyclopedia or go to bookstores and libraries in search of the information they need. At the click of a button and for free they can learn and know about any topic, strange and strange.

It can be used as a school support tool.

On the Internet, children find exercises and games that allow them to work on the contents learned in school, be it in mathematics, English or knowledge of the medium.

Improve academic results.

benefits of the internet

Statistics show that children who use the benefits of the internet as a tool for school support and benefit from the resources that are in the network obtain better grades.

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