The kitchen of the future: Some things we will use in whole life

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This room has traditionally been considered the heart of the house. It is the space in which the family prepares food, expresses their creativity through gastronomy and performs other activities ( kitchen of the future, play, read …). But how will it evolve in the coming decades? The cities will increase their population and the houses will be smaller so that each object and equipment of the home will have different functions. The kitchen will also respond to the scarcity of natural resources with proposals capable of taking advantage of all raw materials and energy resources without generating any type of waste. Also, the concern for health and well-being will be important in the culinary field.

Future in transit.

kitchen of the future

According to the forecasts of the United Nations in there will be 41 megacities (populations with more than ten million inhabitants), compared to the 28 that are currently. These are large urban centers where a lot of time is spent in the public space. The Mobile Induction Heat Plate is a small format induction cooker that the kitchen of the future proposed for the Electrolux contest and that responds to the nomadic lifestyle of these huge cities. This portable induction plate is synchronized with a smartphone application that interprets the information on the food packaging, giving very precise instructions on how to cook them optimally.

Flexible kitchen of the future

The company GE Appliances proposes a modular induction within its forecasts on how the house. This kitchen of the future has flexible cooking zones since the burners can be moved independently by the surface of the hob, allowing to work with utensils of different size. In addition, the modules are stackable so they can be conveniently stored and used in the kitchen bench for other purposes.

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The information is health.

kitchen of the future

The quality of the food and the raw materials with which we cook is a valuable knowledge that we sometimes do not know, especially with fresh products that are sold in bulk. In the future, appliances will provide all these data simply by coming into contact with food. Nutria is a proposal by Janne Palovuori. It consists of a flexible surface that combines piezoelectric components with intelligent technology to calculate the nutritional value of the ingredients we put on top. It also detects the presence of the most common toxins, such as mercury whose presence is common in fish. You can also determine the freshness of the food and make a scale.

The dietitian at home.

kitchen of the future

Kitchen Hub is a device that helps the whole family eat better and healthier while reducing food waste. The central application is dedicated to the control of the products that are in the pantry and the refrigerator. From this information organizes the rest of functions: personalized diets for each member of the household, the proposal of recipes, shopping list, tips to take advantage of the food … The concept is of the Italian designer Francisco Barboza Grasa.

Gastronomy of zero waste.

The Microbial Home is Phillips’ vision of a zero environmental impact house, in which all waste is recycled. The BioDigester Island is the center of the stay, it is a transportable kitchen island that includes a system that transforms the plant waste into methane gas. This biomethane is later used for cooking and for lighting, creating a system that is self-sufficient in energy. The dehydrated waste that is generated is later converted into compost.

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The secrets of family recipes within reach.

The CES fair in Las Vegas is a must for all those who love technology and want to discover what innovations will revolutionize the market in the coming years. In the last edition, Whirlpool presented its Interactive Kitchen of the Future: an interactive and connected kitchen area that offers intelligent solutions, as recipe proposals based on the ingredients that we have at hand. Although the most interesting thing is that it turns the act of cooking into a social experience since it allows to connect with acquaintances to share recipes. So it would be possible to speak through a video conference with our mother to explain a familiar recipe step by step.

Gastronomy remotely.

Also, GE Appliances company proposes this social kitchen of the future to prepare food with a friend or family even if they are elsewhere. In addition, it includes a virtual assistance functionality in the kitchen, a chef who will explain each of the steps of the recipe as we prepare it while interacting with the user thanks to facial and voice recognition technologies. These cooking lessons can be shared telematically with different users.

Cook while watching TV on the couch.

Appliances with internet connection are already a reality in the market. The truth is that many appliances already include equipment of this type as the LG Smart Access that gives control over the cooking in the oven of food comfortably from our mobile phone. Not only is it useful for cooking from the couch or work, but the application also allows you to download a recipe that programs the oven to adapt to it.

Integrated stoves and smart surfaces.

Recently Ikea has presented a series of furniture and lamps that are used to charge the battery of a smartphone. Following in that technological line, he has presented his proposal for the future of the kitchen. ‘A table for living’ looks like a wooden countertop at first sight, but integrates induction, so that when it is off it is completely invisible. It is also designed to help people and enhance their creativity, for example by proposing recipes with one or several ingredients that we put on the surface. It also serves as a cutting board and as a table to eat. The idea is to create a clean surface, in which the components disappear, but at the same time, a close and pleasant material like wood has been chosen.

The minimal expression of the kitchen.

kitchen of the future

Although it is not necessary to travel to the future to see similar solutions. Not long ago, novelties are appearing in the market that integrates the induction plate on the countertop almost imperceptibly. The study of architecture and interior design i29 has designed the ‘invisible kitchen’ for a house in Paris, an island of thin thickness that seems to disappear in space and that includes the water intake and electrical connection. The materials used are stainless steel and a DM board.

But what will undoubtedly affect this stay in a deeper way will be the technology that will generate a more intelligent environment, kitchen of the future, but also to create a more social experience remotely. We show some of the proposals that designers and major brands of technology and appliances launch for the coming years. Many of them are conceptual designs, although others are already on the market.


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