Tomatoes and cheese toast recipe for customer service

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In this recipe, we will make delicious tapas with toast very simple to prepare. We will use cherry tomatoes, cheese toast recipe, a simple combination with a flavor that will surprise you. the toasted cheese and tomato are perfect for an afternoon delight your guests at home or just a snack something different.Take a pan over medium heat with the teaspoon of olive oil and once hot, add the cherry tomatoes in helmets, salt, black pepper and a little garlic paste. Skip well.

We start by washing and drying the tomato. We cut it into thin slices and reserve.We cut the bread into slices and toasted them. We place on top of each bread toast, some slices of tomato. Water with a few drops of olive oil. On top, we place a slice or wedge of cured cheese. Sprinkle oregano on top and place in the oven at 180 degrees for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

Tomatoes and cheese toast recipe

cheese toast recipe

Add a little of the sautéed tomatoes and decorate with a fresh basil leaf, this will give a different and sophisticated touch to our preparation. Enjoy the cheese and tomato toast and if you want other gourmet appetizers you can try the toasts with surimi.

If you want more appetizer or tapas recipes and have any comments or concerns, write us. Enjoy!To prepare this mixture of tuna and surimi to make toast, the first thing to do is to prepare the ingredients. I have used tuna in vegetable oil, but if you prefer to make a lighter dish you can use light tuna.Cut the crab sticks, also known as surimi, finely. The measures of this easy recipe reach to fill about 6 toasts.Mix these ingredients together with the mayonnaise and a pinch of salt and pepper. You can also add a little mustard to add a spicy touch to the tuna filling. Then place small portions of this preparation on each toast.cheese toast recipe

Garlic paste Steps to follow to make this recipe:

cheese toast recipe

To start making our garlic paste, the first step is to realize all the ingredients. What we have to take into account when making the garlic paste is that although we can already find it ready in the supermarkets this is homemade type contain additives neither preservatives nor colorants.Esta garlic paste serves to season pasta, all kinds of proteins (meats, fish, chicken etc) and any type of recipe; A curious fact about garlic is that it contains allicin a natural preservative that does not allow bacteria to grow, which can last six months or even year, if the garlic paste is stored in the refrigerator. If you want, you can also add basil or some kind of aromatic herb to your liking, in this recipe I make it without any ideal flavorant for all those meals and very practical this preparation cheese toast recipe.

One step

If not have sourdough you can make a preferment with 40 g of flour and 40 ml of water and 2 g of dry yeast, mix well and leave to increase volume in a tempered. In a bowl put the flour and make a crown leaving a hole in the center, add salt and yeast. Slowly add the water by slowly mixing the flour, so that everything is well incorporated, and let stand about 20 minutes at room temperature of 22º to 24º. Do not add water at once.

Two step

Knead well until you get an elastic and thin dough. You can make 3 short kneads of 3 or 4 minutes with a 10-minute refrigerator rest. Rest in a block for 2 hours in a cool place, half of the fermentation doubles the dough. I have divided the dough into 3 to form 3 baguettes. Shape the bread.

Three step

Let the baguettes ferment for one hour or until they double in volume. Preheat the oven to 250ºC. Then, put the bars in the oven at 250ºC with steam for 10 minutes. Lower the temperature to 200ºC and let it finish. When you see that they are already cheese toast recipe here, leave the bars on a rack until they are very cold. Once cold you can cut them and start eating. I hope you like it and take advantage of it. If you liked this recipe, visit my blog Conlaneveravacia.

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