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Travel in Bangkok is known in Thai, is giant. Around 8-10 million inhabitants live in it. Being the only truly big city in Thailand, it attracts people from all corners of the country. It is a city that does not leave indifferent. For good or for bad. As I mentioned in the article on Khao San Road, the first impression I had of Bangkok was from that street and at night. When you meet her you will see that it is not a very good first impression.

Tristar in the temples

travel in bangkok

Built in 1782, the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew Temple (500 THB entrance) was the king’s dwelling for 150 years. The architecture, the colors and the sculptures of the palace and the temple are incredible. The temple houses the most important Buddha image in the country: The Emerald Buddha. A figure made of a single piece of jade and which was discovered in the fifteenth century.

After seeing the palace I suggest you continue with two temples nearby: The Wat Pho (100 THB the entrance), next to the Grand Palace, contains the famous recumbent Buddha of 46 meters that surely you will have seen in several photos. And finally, the Wat Arun(50 THB), located on the other side of the river, with its original stupa covered with Chinese porcelain. It can be observed without crossing the river. Before it was worth visiting since you could climb up and enjoy some beautiful views of Travel in Bangkok, but since its renovation they no longer allow it.

Get lost in the markets

travel in bangkok

Travel in Bangkok markets. There are countless of them. One of the most famous and largest in the world is the one that is done every weekend: the Chatuchak Market. You can reach it in Skytrain (MO CHIT stop) or by metro (CHATUCHAK stop). The market is right there, next to the station, they open early (8h) and close in the afternoon (6 pm). It is a huge market with innumerable paraditas selling everything from clothes to animals. Bargaining is advisable. When this market closes, next door opens another night: the Chatuchak Green Market (JJ Green).

Stroll in a park

travel in bangkok

The largest park inTravel in Bangkok is Lumphini Park. His name comes from the Nepali village of Lumpini, where it is believed that Siddhartha Gautama was born, the Hindu prince who managed to attain spiritual enlightenment and become a Buddha.

You can get to the park by Skytrain (stop DENG ROOM) or by Metro (SILOM stop). It is good to disconnect from the chaos of the city. I recommend going a little before 6 pm so you can live the experience of listening to the national anthem while everyone stands as a sign of respect – the anthem sounds every morning at 8 am and every evening at 6 pm in all the parks, radios and televisions. Also from this time on, large groups of people gather to dance, do fitness, run (there seems to be a marathon!), Practice yoga and tai chi, make machines in the outdoor gyms of the park, etc. Anyway, give for a while traveling in Bangkok.

Dinner in Chinatown

travel in bangkok

Travel in Bangkok Chinatown is a neighborhood that changes a lot day and night. By day they open the huge market of Sampeng, where they sell everything wholesale. At night -except on Mondays-, its streets are sidewalks are taken by street restaurants that prepare some of the best dishes in the city. Paraditas and restaurants are interspersed in a wide range of Thai and Chinese food, as well as fruit and, curiously, chestnuts.

The main street of Chinatown is Yaowarad Road. If you go during the day, do not forget to visit the famous Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha). If you go by public transport, you will get off at the HUA LAMPHONG subway stop (not Skytrain). I dedicated an entire article to Chinatown.

Relax on a walk along the river

travel in bangkok

In the different stops of the river, you can take one of the taxi boats (20 Bats or less) and go to some other part of the travel in Bangkok. For example, it may be useful to go to or leave the temple area or Khao San Road. The ship joins the old part of the city, where the temples are, with Chinatown, Sathorn and the Saphan Taksin Bridge where you can take the BTS Skytrain.

The city seemed crazy to me. Fortunately, I soon discovered that travel in Bangkok is much more than that backpacker’s ghetto and much more than any label that can be put on it. And that is what makes Bangkok such a special city. There are many Bangkok.

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