Try Downsizing, release funds and enjoy less costly maintenance on your property

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Once your children have moved out of the family home you might well think about downsizing, selling your current, larger house and purchasing a smaller more manageable property, possibly a bungalow?  This idea should allow you to release a sizable amount of cash and have a good sized “Nest Egg” to enjoy, even after you have purchased and decorated your new smaller forever home. House prices are buoyant at the moment and sellers are able to get the full asking price for their properties’.  Larger family sized homes are well sought after, and the older style homes are very popular so your home should sell fairly quickly.

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Keep your moving costs down and don’t worry about the packing and unpacking, just hire a professional company such as who are a specialist Removal Companies Cheltenham to deal with everything for you.  Having less house maintenance to worry about and a smaller garden to tend to, you should find yourselves, not only better off financially but having spare time to enjoy the extra money.

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To get the best offer from any potential buyer, make sure your current home is market ready, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a quick declutter, clean floors, and a tidy garden all help to give curb appeal.  Stage your home by having colourful cushions and throws on any old, worn furniture and pack away any personal items so the buyer can imagine their own possessions in situ.

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