Some of the most bizarre items found blocking drains

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Whether it’s a used nappy or a razor, there are many items that we knew we shouldn’t flush down the toilet or drain. As many of us will know, perhaps through previous painful experience, that it does not take much to block the drainage system of a household. Water company workers are used to finding entertaining and frankly, disgusting things in our waterways, but sometimes, they find things that boggle their minds and will make your skin crawl. Here are some of the most bizarre:

Where are my teeth?

Getting old is a risky business but did you know that one of the main dangers of old age is losing your dentures! Dentures fall into the toilet or wash down the plug hole in the shower more times than you’d imagine, with hundreds of sets of false teeth and dentures appearing in our waterways every year. For assistance with Blocked Drains Essex, visit 3flow drainage, who deal with Blocked Drains Essex.

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Big Pooh

A normal variety you’d expect down a toilet but not the A A Milne’s famous bear variety! A big teddy bear Winnie the Pooh was discovered causing a block in the drainage after someone had unceremoniously flushed him down the toilet!

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Plug-in chaos

A pipeline company in Pennsylvania called to a property following reports of a strange smell, discovered a very blocked toilet. After investigating, they found the cause of the blockage to be a plug-in air freshener! After that, residents were told that dealing with lingering odours in the bathroom with a plug in was perhaps not the best solution!


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