How to achieve a clean and tidy office

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Having a clean and tidy office is a dream for most business owners and it is easily achievable when you work with an Office Cleaning Gloucester company to ensure that your office space is hygienic and pleasing to work in and visit. As well as using their services for regular cleaning there are a number of other ways that you can ensure your office stays clean and tidy.

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Filing and Paperwork – If the paperless office hasn’t yet arrived in your business the easiest way to deal with letters and papers is to make decisions when they arrive at your desk as soon as possible. Delaying decisions and accumulating an overflowing in-tray is all too simple. Any paperwork is not needed and can be deposited directly in the bin or recycled. In a filing cabinet or drawers, other records can need to be sorted.

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Declutter your computer – As untidy as your paperwork can be, your desktop computer or laptop can be just as bad, and it needs the same routine attention. Read your emails and register them, and delete them periodically. Respond as soon as you can to the crucial ones. With a folder structure that is as structured as your paper storage, make sure you file attachments and other papers. Save and keep your favourite websites in directories.

Storage solution – Consider the storage around your desk area that you have available to make sure it is sufficient for your needs. Use easy storage, such as drawers and pen holders. Don’t have your desk cluttered.

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