5 Amazing and Useful Ways to lost weight on vacation

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When you start your vacation you want to distance yourself from the stress of work, tight schedules and even get away from the efforts of diet and exercise. Although it is not ideal, for many it is logical. After all, leading a healthy life is subtly combined with routine and lost weight on vacation right now.

For your misfortune, life is still waiting for you when you come back from a break, so it is best to do everything possible to not get fat on vacation. It does not sound easy, but you can do it and stay motivated.

Lost weight on vacation tips

Lost weight on vacation tips


The most frustrating thing about dieting and exercise routine is losing results because of a few days of rest. But calm, the idea is not that you go through a bad experience trying not to get fat on vacation, instead we present some basic tips that fit well with your travel plan:

Holidays = more exercise

Lost weight on vacation tips

Do not worry, lost weight on vacation is not to give you a new exercise routine for the holidays, however, as experts say, it’s easier to point out that, away from work, you can do everything you’ve always wanted. A simple example: do you want to change the bicycle for a day of swimming? During the day to day it is difficult to find the time to go to the pool, but now that you are on vacation it is time to treat yourself.

Instead of a few hours of cardio, how about several hours in the pool? Take advantage of new scenarios to exercise. If you leave the city to visit hotels and resorts, look for outdoor plans, such as hiking, climbing, water sports, etc.

If you do not leave the city, try new ways of exercising: go out to play soccer, basketball, take long walks at more comfortable hours, etc.

As you can see, keeping extra kilos away while you rest is not impossible:

  • Have fun doing a new physical activity.
  • Say no to sugary drinks
  • When you drink alcohol, combine it with water to keep you hydrated.
  • Measure all the activity of more than you do to stay motivated.
  • Sleep as necessary.

Small but significant changes in food

Lost weight on vacation tips

It is not easy to control the calories you consume when you do not prepare your own food. In your vacations you are at the mercy of restaurants, how can you avoid gaining weight like this? Just avoid adding more elements that you can not control.

When you go out to eat, stay away from fried or very creamy dishes, refrain from ordering that extra cheese or sauces, drink water instead of sugary products and visit the salad bar. It is an excellent way to avoid adding extra calories to your meals.

Give yourself a holiday craving, do not run exotic dishes, but do not let yourself get carried away at the moment. Losing those extra calories means many hours of exercise.

If you definitely want to manage everything you eat, you can rent a house or apartment equipped with a kitchen. You will save some money and you will have the calories under control. Remember to have healthy snacks on hand like:

  • Cereal bars
  • Integral cookies
  • Peanut butter.

How to avoid extra kilos of liquor?

Lost weight on vacation tips

As the NY Times points out, liquor is also part of holiday excess. The most elaborate drinks, those with a little umbrella to enjoy next to the beach or the pool, carry a good load of calories. Again, the goal is not to restrict you, but you can adjust your habits a bit to maintain the fitness life that costs you so much effort.

The suggestion is to alternate alcoholic drinks with low-calorie drinks. Add simple glasses of water between drinks, which keeps you hydrated and reduces your calorie intake. You can also simply stay away from sweeter cocktails or darker beers.

Keep control of your physical state

Technology allows you to maintain control of your physical state every day: mobile applications and gadgets make it possible in the palm of your hand. Technically, on vacation you should be moving more compared to the days in front of a desk, so do not lose sight of that achievement.

If you measure it, you will notice that you have not neglected physical activity during the holidays. With this you can be calmer in front of the meals and the drink, applying our lost weight on vacation tips.

Do not forget to get enough sleep so you do not get fat on vacation

Lost weight on vacation tips

It does not seem a very difficult recommendation to follow: away from work schedules, you can sleep a few hours more without remorse. But some people fill their vacation schedule in such a way that they end up getting up early and going to bed very late. Maintaining the pleasure of sleeping can help you take care of your weight.

According to Forbes, if you deprive yourself of sleep time your body will charge you with extra kilos. Everything happens in the following way: when you do not sleep as much as necessary, your body will ask you for more carbohydrates and calories to have energy. That excess of food makes problems on lost weight on vacation.

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