The best tips for baby care: hair, nails, bath, creams and more

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Arriving home with the newborn generates many doubts to the parents. In the hospital, there was not much to do because the baby slept almost at all hours, and at the most, a quick wash was done because of the fact that the cord has not fallen yet, so when you see them alone with the baby, the first ones appear questions.

The umbilical cord healing

baby care

The umbilical cord, when not receiving blood supply, is mummified and ends up falling after a few days. How to cure it depends a bit on the hospital in which the baby care because some people recommend using alcohol at 70ºC, some say only soap and water and some say there is no need to do anything.

The clothes in the first days

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Shelter it? Not warm it? During the first days, it is interesting to have the baby care warm since it comes from the maternal womb where it was at a high temperature compared to the outside. Do not overdo it, but do not put it exactly as we are going, or if it goes the same, be clear that we are in an environment where it cannot be cold. Once the first days pass, it is often said that we have to dress them in a sleeve more than us.

It is a way of explaining that they would have to go like adults, but with a fine capita more, because they do not regulate the temperature like us and, moreover, they do not have the amount of fat that we do have and that in a certain way protects us (And I’m not talking about being overweight or anything like that, but that they have a very thin skin and us, even then, not so much).

The bathroom

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For a long time, babies bathed each day both for hygiene and for that of being relaxed before going to sleep. The reality is that not everyone relaxes (many have a pipe and come out of the bathtub more awake than they entered) and bathing them every day can be too much. And is that the bath dries the skin, eliminates the natural bacteria we have and many babies suffer after the consequences, in the form of eczema and skin infections. Come on, what is advisable is to bathe the baby care every two or three days, and on the days that you do not bathe him do a diaper change with soap and water.

The cream after the bathbaby care

In the same way that the bath is usually done every day or was done every day, the cream after the bath seems also something that must be done yes or yes. The reality is that the first days are interesting, because in many cases the babies “peel”, but after the first days a baby does not usually need creams or oils or prevention of ass. According to the AAP (American Association of Pediatrics), “a baby does not need to be regularly given creams, oils or talcs. “

Caring for nails

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In the nails do not have to do anything special beyond cutting them when necessary. Many parents believe that they can not be cut until babies are a month old, or a specific age. The truth is that there is no minimum age to cut a baby’s nails. It is more a matter of logic. If the baby care has long nails because they are cut, no matter how old they are.

The eyes, ears, and nose

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You do not have to do anything with your eyes, ears, and nose, but if it’s necessary baby care, it’s worth knowing how to do it. If there are legañas, which at first may be habitual because the tear ducts do not always work well and do not clean the eye as they should, they are cleaned with a little serum and with a gauze that wipes from the inside out and then throwing it away (only one pass) by gauze).

The most common are those related to caring: when they cut their nails if you have to cut their hair when to put moisturizing cream, how often to bathe, how to do it, etc. With the intention of grouping all the tips on that in a single entry today we offer you the best advice for baby care.

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