The most common problems of online shopping for buyer

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We all buy online, and the number of followers continues to increase exponentially every day. But, think that before making any type of problems of online shopping there are “basic commandments” that you must comply with. For example, check the supplier’s reliability or read the conditions established for the sale process and those related to the shipping policy. The idea is to anticipate the factors that may cause some kind of problems of online shopping. The incidences in e-commerce are minimal if we consider the billions of purchases that occur. But, obviously, sometimes problems arise and we must try to avoid them.

How does CITIBOX solve the problems of online shopping?

 problems of online shopping

The electronic lockers Citibox solve some of the problems arising from the purchase online. Waiting at home for your online purchases to arrive is a nuisance and a waste of time. With CITIBOX unnecessary waiting is over. The logistics operators responsible for the distribution deposit all the parcel at the electronic ticket offices and you can collect it when you can.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They do not suppose an extra cost for the community of neighbors and also they allow you information at the moment of the status of your order. All logistics problems are solved directly with CITIBOX.

“Hidden” charges

 problems of online shopping

Sometimes, when making an online purchase, the price of the product we want to acquire is altered by other expenses that are only reflected at the time of making the payment. For example management fees, shipping costs, additional cost depending on the type of payment chosen … Check problems of online shopping

that the final charge is the same as that which was considered throughout the transaction before acquiring the product purchased.

Problems of online shopping in the sending and receiving process

 problems of online shopping

One of the main reasons for distrust of the online world occurs when the supplier does not respect the estimated time for sending and receiving the purchase. The consequence of this is that the order is delayed.

Delays with respect to the agreed deadlines can cause upheaval to anyone who has purchased a product to give away on a specific date. But, without a doubt, especially create distrust.

On the other hand, the distribution schedules and the availability to pick up the order can lead to different problems for the buyer. The returns to the delivery company, the delivery of your order to your neighbors by an absence or, if the building has a concierge, that is there waiting to be picked up. Situations that may be unreliable for the buyer.

The product received does not meet expectations. Return.

 problems of online shopping

It is one of the most common problems of online shopping for consumers, and it happens on many occasions. To avoid this, it is important to make sure that the pages from which the transaction is made are trustworthy, and that it provides a comprehensive information on the characteristics of the product.

It is advisable to always buy pages that provide an accurate description of the product and with a return policy that is safe and in accordance with the law.

Dormant return policies

Some pages seem to hide or give vague explanations about their return policy. This can cause real upheavals and an almost endless succession of e-mails that more than once will only seek to prevent the return of the product or the money spent being carried out. Keep reading

Lack of security in the purchase process

problems of online shopping

There is no doubt that low prices tend to be more attractive when making a purchase. But, beware, this can be a trap in Internet purchases.

It is important that you verify that the page in which you buy is accredited, reflecting the law of data protection and legal information about the store. You must also have a secure payment method. A padlock icon at the bottom of the browser, secure page problems of online shopping or the letter S in the URL of the page (“https” versus “HTTP”) are some of the clues to make sure it is a secure portal.

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