The skills of the care worker

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Just as with any employed role care work comes with a requirement for skills and abilities. These are not something that needs an aptitude with a tool or with technology (although some equipment pieces may be required), this is something more basic than that. It needs, first and foremost, someone who can deal and relate to people, and have a genuine interest in other humans and looking after them.

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Ask, an employer of carers in Care Jobs Gloucester, what they are looking for and they will seek out the following skills.

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  1. Education and qualification. There are certain courses like the Diploma in Health and Social care and Certificate of Care that can be undertaken. This is not always a requirement but to have it or to be working towards it is advantageous.
  2. Empathy. Above all else this is the real skill that is needed. Empathy cannot be learned in a classroom; it is something that is developed through life skills and experience. Simply put, it is showing understanding and compassion to someone even when you haven’t experienced what they are going through yourself.
  3. Stamina and physical fortitude. Don’t think that care work is an easy task. You may need to have to lift and handle people incapable of some physical activity. Also, you may have to stay awake during shift work.
  4. Flexibility. Care work is not a nine to five job by any means. It is something that you work around as opposed to it working around you.
  5. A sense of humour and fun. You will bring light and comfort to people’s lives and it can be deeply rewarding.

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