Adding to a suit is a good idea.

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A suit is always a stylish thing to put on, unless it’s got a bit dishevelled. However there are ways and means that you can enhance the look and make you stand out from the crowd of the other suit wearers all surrounding you at work at a formal occasion like a wedding and christening. Making sure that you’ve got a nice Mens Ralph Lauren Jumper might make a bit of a splash but here are a few other options that you could try.

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Get a good tie.

The ultimate suit accessory is, of course, a tie. Whether it’s a dapper bow tie, a brightly coloured silk tie or more sedate skinny tie, a tie can change the look of a suit in an instant. Tie styles change over time, and you can stay on trend by opting for the most current fashions, and mix and match as you go along. If you are feeling daring, you can even accessorise your suit with a matching handkerchief that just sticks out of the jacket pocket enough to make a statement.

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The inclusion of a belt

To lend it a polished look, a suit almost always needs a belt. It can exude a relaxed air to wear a suit without a belt, but sometimes it’s the belt that holds it all together. A lighter coloured belt is suitable for informal events, and a dark coloured alternative is best for these more formal environments. Texture is also important when it comes to picking belts, and with a suit, there are some great on-trend choices that look amazing.

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