How to maximise your wardrobe space

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The dreaded messy closet is a burden that many of us face on a daily basis. Do you struggle to find your favourite top or fumble around in the dark for an outfit? Or are you renovating a new house and wondering how you can create a spacious and organised wardrobe? If so, this advice is for you!

It seems like an obvious one, but have a yearly clear out. Although we all talk about having a clear-out, the rush of life tends to get in the way. However, if you choose a specific weekend per year to sort through all your clothes to give away, you will end up with a lot more space. Removing clutter can also benefit other people who need it if you choose to donate to charity as opposed to throwing it away.

Considering floor space is something that can also be overlooked. Rather than trying to style an outfit in a cramped room with no space,  consider a walk-in wardrobe. Companies such as lamco-design  Fitted Wardrobes Dorset are a good example of how you can ‘upstyle’ your home to your taste. Alternatively, working with a designer to create a spacious wardrobe with no doors can be a good way of opening the space up too.

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Another way you can maximise your space is by installing a large mirror. Despite mirrors usually being in other locations in a bedroom, if you have the space to put a mirror in your closet reflects the light, tricking the eye into seeing a bigger space. Not only will it be a convenient place to check out an outfit, it can also be an aesthetic focal point for a bedroom. Alongside this, it is important to have good lighting in the wardrobe itself because, without it, you will not be able to see colours or patterns.

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To get more physical space, the instalment of effective shelving is key. Aesthetics is not the only aspect you will need to consider when designing a wardrobe, after all, it will be very frustrating to not fit all your clothes in. Having compartments can be a great way of organising clothes types and avoiding clutter.

In terms of colour, a lighter colour such as white, cream, or light blue can produce a calm and tranquil space but also make it look more open. Your wardrobe will most likely be full of colours and patterns therefore instead of using a patterned wallpaper or bright colour you should stick to a neutral one.

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