5 things to check when buying a used van

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Compared to a brand-new van, a used van will usually have travelled thousands of miles and may be several years old before you come to buy it. Even if the van comes with a full service history, there can always be a niggling doubt that there may be something wrong that you haven’t spotted. This blog will explore 5 things to check when viewing used vans which hopefully will help you make the right choice.

When inspecting a used van, the obvious thing to check for is rust. The most important places to inspect for rust are the wings, below the bumpers, the sills, around the door frames, under the wheel arches and around the windscreen. If you see any rust, gently press on it and if you hear a cracking sound, the rust may be the result of corrosion below.

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It is important to check the sidewalls and treads of each tyre (including the spare) and ensure that each tyre has a tread of more than 1.6 mm. The sidewalls should also be damage-free and have no bulges or uneven wear. Uneven tyre wear can point towards tracking, suspension or steering issues.


To test the suspension, press down on each corner of the van and see if it bounces and then returns to the normal position. If it does, then the shock absorbers should be in good condition. For used vans for sale Worcester, second-hand van specialists such as cotswoldvancentre.co.uk/buy/used-vans-for-sale/worcester offer a wide range of different vans to suit every business.


The bonnet of the van should always be cold before the engine starts. If you touch the bonnet and it feels warm, there may be a problem with the engine. When starting the van, listen out for any strange noises and make sure there is no smoke or strange emissions.

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The interior is just as important as the exterior so check if all the electronics are working correctly, the dashboard has no warning lights, the seat belts fasten and the doors and windows work as they should.

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