The benefits of working from home.

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The current situation has thrust a way of working to the forefront of society that it was never thought possible. Where it was once thought impossible that the idea of office work could be challenged, the year 2020 has thrown this all into doubt. To be fair, the normality of office work is actually a modern phenomenon. It has only been the norm for the last 60 years or so and working in factories is still commonplace. However for the majority of us the daily commute on an overcrowded train or bus, the traffic jam and the inevitable fight for a parking place or the risk taking as we cycle to work is still a reality. But perhaps not anymore.

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The home office has risen to the challenge of 2020. Employers are suddenly finding that employees are more attentive, more productive and also able to work hours that suit them and the business. Sick days are becoming almost non-existent. Best of all, the expensive lease and rent on the office they own is also being called into question. Paying for Microsoft Teams and Webex seems a much better and cheaper alternative.

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Even so, employees would certainly like a decent Operator Chair to put in the converted bedroom of their new desk. Cheap Operator Chairs are available at the included link. They can be a great help. As we all start to work from home we still need to concentrate on posture and making sure our backs are well supported.

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