What to Consider if you are Choosing a Garden Fence

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Your garden fence is something that needs to keep your garden secure and also provide you with privacy. Having a strong and sturdy garden fence is important, and getting it built by a professional like this fencing Cheltenham based company www.greenfieldsltd.co.uk/services/fencing is the best thing to do if you want a fence that is built to last.

When it comes to choosing the best type of fence for your garden, there are lots of things to think about – the size and the shape of the garden, the aesthetics of the garden and the reasons for the fence to be in place, as well as the surrounding area, and what sort of things the fence will need to deal with.

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Another thing that it is courteous to do before you have a new fence put in, is to discuss it with your neighbours that share a fence with your garden. There are many styles of fence, and they might want to know what you are planning as they may also have privacy or security concerns. Discussing this helps keep good relationships with neighbours and ensures that everyone is happy.

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You might want to go for a fence that is more decorative, such as a traditional hazel fence – however, be aware when choosing decorative fencing that you may lose some privacy, as some decorative styles can be seen through. It is best to look at a fence from all angles when you are choosing it, so that you can get an idea of how it will look in your garden.

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