The rewarding role of a Teaching Assistant working in an Outstanding Primary School.

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The rewarding role of a Teaching Assistant working in an Outstanding Primary School is a varied and exciting one.  Following your class Teachers advice and supporting each and every individual child in your care, allowing them to achieve their full potential, no matter what their abilities or needs are.  Any Outstanding, Ofsted rated Primary school is highly regarded by Parents and many of those local to your area will be desperate to get their child into such a great educational environment.  Checking out the professionally built Website and finding out the ethics, ethos, teaching structure and relevant details of the school is one procedure nearly every parent will complete.  The best Primary School Websites are designed and built by professional companies such as and contain up to date information on staffing, term dates, school values, special events and other important information.

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Having a website that’s mobile phone friendly, up to date and relevant shows the background of an outstanding school. Getting the basics right and investing in a modern and easy to use platform, means the educational and nurturing side of the school will be excellent.

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The Teaching Assistant role is crucial to the smooth operation of any good Primary school, as there are usually thirty young children in each classroom and some of those individual youngsters will need extra support that your role will allow. Encouraging and guiding every child that’s in your class and helping them grow into independent young adults ready for senior school.

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