What is Radon and is My Home High Risk?

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There are many forms of land contamination that make land dangerous to live, work, grow food or build on. This is usually caused by the land previously being used for something that causes environmental damage, such as industrial activities. In this case, an expert who knows what they are doing like this soil remediation services company https://soilfix.co.uk/services/groundwater-soil-remediation-services should clear the land and make it safe once again.

However, some land is more dangerous for natural reasons, and a good example of this is land that is built on areas with high Radon levels.

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Radon can be found all over and is naturally occurring in land all over the UK. However, in some areas of the UK, Radon levels are higher, and this can cause health problems when levels are too high. Cornwall, Devon and parts of Wales are some of the highest Radon areas in the UK, and if you live in these areas it is highly advisable to get your Radon levels checked in your home.

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Radon is dangerous because it is the decay of radioactive elements – therefore if this gas is released and you are breathing it in it then increases the risk of lung cancer. Because it is not visible and has no smell, you do need specialist equipment to be able to detect its presence.

If your home is found to have high levels of Radon, a number of things can be done to reduce it – most commonly, a Radon sump can be used, as well as ventilation in the home.

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