Top 3 factors in choosing a corporate event venue

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  1. Location

You will want to choose a location that is convenient for your attendees. You will want to ensure that there are convenient transport options nearby if you have colleagues coming from all over the country. If people are coming from abroad, you’ll need to make sure the venue is easily accessible by an airport.

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It may also be the case that all attendees are from the same region. Decide whether you want to stay local or go further afield to experience a different environment. Consider the traffic, parking and transportation options as well as any associated costs for you and your delegates. For help with Corporate Event Management, visit

  1. Type of Event

Your event’s purpose will likely influence the type of venue that you need. You’ll want a space that is conducive to focused work if you are hosting a strategic meeting. For workshops, you may need a variety of spaces where people can easily gather and separate. You will need to provide space for group activities when planning team outings. If you are showcasing your new product, make sure the venue is equipped with all the necessary space and facilities to create a lasting impression.

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  1. Size and Layout

What size venue is required? A small space can be a problem, but so can a large venue. Delegates will find it difficult to interact with one another and the atmosphere can be dampened.

Do you need space for a separate area to host a large dinner party following a day of strategy discussions? Also quiet areas where people can get their work done? Perhaps gardens for people to explore during break times. Is there a space where colleagues can walk and discuss ideas together? How flexible is the area? Can the rooms be rearranged to suit different requirements?

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