Cost-effective loft conversions

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  1. Choose a simple design

Keep the design simple to keep costs low. As an example:

  • The least expensive option: Installing rooflights in existing roof spaces will require minimal structural changes, and only minor additions of plumbing, heating, stairs, plaster, and decoration.
  • Mid Cost: To add additional usable space, adding one or more dormer windows will require more structural changes and will cost more. This is especially true if the access to that area is restricted. For Loft Conversions Bristol, contact
  • Highest Cost: The mansard conversion or the conversion of a modern engineered roof truss can mean that the entire roof structure is replaced with an attic floor. This is the most costly.

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  1. Choose off-the shelf materials

The choice of materials and finishes can also have a significant impact on cost. Simple rooflights and stairs, as well as standard design elements, are the least expensive, while bespoke windows and stairs, along with cabinetry, all add significant costs. The choice of tiles, sanitaryware and lighting fixtures, as well as sockets and switches can also be a big factor.

  1. You can manage the project yourself

It is easier to hire a design-build contractor or an architect to help you find a builder and manage them. However, it is more expensive to pay someone to take care of the project and relieve you of the stress. You can save 10-20% on costs if you have the knowledge and time to manage the project, hire subcontractors and buy materials.

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  1. Use your DIY skills

You can save up to 40% on labour costs if you are a DIY expert. However, only do what you have time and skills to do.

This could include the following:

  • Paint and decoration
  • Laying floor tiles
  • Installing shelves, curtain rails and other accessories
  1. Changes that need planning permission

Loft conversions are permitted under allowed development. You will save time and money by avoiding the need to seek planning approval.

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