How to wash crochet blankets

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Crochet blankets are both an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition to any room. Not only do they feature unique designs and patterns, but they can also be used year-round for an extra layer.
As the popularity of crocheting continues to grow, crochet blanket kits such as those from are providing an easy way for anybody to try their hand at the hobby.

Just like any other blanket, crochet blankets will inevitably need to be washed. In addition, their intricate stitching requires extra care.

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How do you wash crochet blankets?

Generally, all hand-knitted or crocheted pieces, whether made with or without crochet blanket kits, require some level of care when washing.

Nobody wants to put their precisely crafted piece into the wash and find that it’s changed colour, become covered in pills or worse, and is now far too small. This is a common problem due to the material which can run the risk of shrinking or pulling at higher temperatures. With crocheting, the loose stitching method also increases the risk of snags if it isn’t properly taken care of.

Always check the instructions

If you are creating your own crochet piece, you should always check the instructions for the type of yarn you are using. Some yarns require cold water, while others fare better in warmer temperatures. To ensure you are using the right temperature and methods, it is best to check the packaging the yarn was sold in.

If it isn’t possible for you to find these instructions, however, treating your crochet blanket as delicate is a good rule of thumb. This means washing on a delicates wash (if using a washing machine) or hand washing. You’ll want to use a gentle detergent too, to keep it looking tip-top.

If you already have delicate knits, you can employ the same techniques on your crochet blanket that you use to take care of those pieces.

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For drying, air drying is the best method, with the blanket laid flat instead of hung. Drying a crochet blanket flat will prevent it from being stretched.

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