Three types of market research surveys

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A survey is one of the easiest ways to carry out market research. You can glean data about your consumers, your competitors, your prices, or even how your brand is perceived. Surveys are easy to set up, relatively low in cost, and can provide insightful primary data from which you can strategies.

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Price testing surveys

There is no better way to find out how customers feel about prices than by asking them. From this kind of survey, you can discover what customers think about the value of your product/service and what they are prepared to pay for it, which might not be the same. Finding the balance between these two values – and factoring in your margin, of course – is the fine art of pricing. Without these insights, you might fall at the first hurdle.

Consumer behaviour surveys

Understanding how your consumers behave when it comes to making purchases or choosing services is key to driving more sales. Who is the household decision-maker? Who does the shopping? How does this person make decisions about brands, products, and services? It is important to ask the right questions in this kind of survey, which is why you might want to employ the services of a data collection company such as Shepper.

Brand perception surveys

You may consider your brand as luxury, but do your customers? Your brand might have heritage, but do your customers know this? A brand perception survey will expose how consumers and customers see your brand. You might want to ask them which words they associate with your brand or how uniquely they view it. From this, you might adjust your message or perhaps lean into their perception more. Brand perception incorporates brand image, so data about your brand image can prove very valuable.

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These are just some of the market research surveys you might want to carry out. These three types of market research surveys are particularly great ways of gaining a large amount of primary data. With these insights, you can really start to move your brand forward.

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