How to Delete Data Securely

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Deleting data securely is a critical task that every business should prioritise. Data breaches and cyber-attacks can occur when sensitive information is not disposed of correctly. Confidential shredding is a great way to safely destroy digital or paper documents or other materials with confidential information. It involves the use of specialised equipment to cut paper into tiny pieces, making it impossible to read or reconstruct. For Confidential Waste Disposal Cardiff, go to

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Digital Data Erasure

In addition to confidential shredding, there are other ways of deleting data securely. For digital data, businesses can use data erasure software to overwrite information on hard drives and other storage devices. This software can make data unrecoverable, even with the use of specialised tools. It is important to note that simply deleting files from a device does not necessarily remove them completely. To ensure the complete removal of data, businesses should consider using confidential shredding or data erasure methods.

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Compliance and Legal Obligations

Confidential shredding and data erasure are also important for compliance and legal obligations. Businesses may be required by law to protect certain types of information and to dispose of it securely. Businesses in the UK are subject to the Data Protection Act 2018 and this is the UK’s legislation for General Data Protection Regulation implementation. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to hefty fines and damage to their reputation.

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