Decorating small bathroom spaces

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When it comes to decorating small bathroom spaces when you buy your first property or downsize to Gloucestershire Park Homes during retirement you might be wondering what colours to paint your room to make the most of the space you have available.

Here are some handy colour tips for you.

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White – often overlooked the colour white can be great for making any space feel light and airy. You can find a variety of white shades that have a hint of colour in them to give your room some personality whilst still reflecting the light and enhancing the space available.

Yellow – although painting an entire bathroom in the colour yellow can be a tad overpowering using the color sparingly, perhaps on an accent wall can really give some personality and character to your room.Why not pair this with yellow in your accessories such as your towels, bath mats and shower curtains.

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Blue – the colour of tranquility and calm has no better place than in a bathroom and again you can opt for a bolder blue on an accent wall or perhaps look for a powder or baby blue to have placed on all the walls. Again use your bathroom accessories to further enhance your colour choices.

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