How To Tell If Your Email Has Been Hacked

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Email allows people to instantly connect with others across the world and share almost any information they want. They frequently contain text, document attachments and multimedia such as images and videos, courtesy of aussie online pokies.

With all of this information able to be shared, chances are you’ve sent a good amount of sensitive information to other people over the years – and that makes your email account a target for cybercriminals.

Most of us find it difficult to comprehend why somebody would want to hack our emails. The simplest explanation is that cybercriminals want to gain access to uncover sensitive information you’ve sent in the past, as well as use your email account to contact your friends, family and coworkers requesting they send money, divulge private information or click a link that downloads malware, spyware or a virus. Here’s how to tell if your email has been compromised, curated by users of new us online casino.

Unable to Login Using Your Credentials

If you try to log into your account using the credentials you’ve used before and they’re not working, it’s possible that a cybercriminal gained access and changed your email password. This is frequently one of the first steps they take after seizing control of your email account so they can take full control.

Suspicious IP Address

Every device linked to a network that utilizes IP (Internet Protocol) as its communication protocol has been given an IP address, which is a lengthy string of numbers; it serves as the equivalent of your home or office mailing address in the digital world.

Your IP addresses will typically repeat themselves if you access the internet mostly from home or the office. It can be a clue that a cybercriminal has gained access to your email account if you see it’s been accessed from many different IP addresses than what you usually see.

Unknown Spam Emails Were Sent

It’s likely that if a cybercriminal has accessed your email account, they’re sending spam emails from your email. If you receive messages from your contacts wondering why you’ve been sending them spam, be sure to investigate immediately.

Unknown Email to Reset Your Password

If you receive an email to reset the password that you didn’t initiate, chances are someone is trying to breach your email. Sometimes when a cybercriminal is trying to breach your email, their first attempt is to guess your password. Other times they may try to reset your password.

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