Best Apps for Fashion Illustration

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Every designer loves illustrating on paper, brush, and pencil, but now, every designer has an iPad in hand equipped with fun drawing apps. Get fashion illustrations done on the go using portable devices. The real challenge is to find the right apps that will help you design like a pro. Here are the best apps that users of pokies online believe will assist you with fashion illustration.


‌WGSN is a trend forecasting platform. It constantly monitors how consumers think, feel, and behave. Their experts help brands stay relevant by predicting the products, experiences, and services people will need in the future. WGSN’s network of industry experts provides inspiration to a community of over 43,000 product designers and thought leaders in 32 global markets.

Art Authority‌

‌Art will always be the biggest source of inspiration in the fashion world. The Art Authority app lets you browse over 100,000+ paintings and sculptures by 1,500 of the Western world’s leading artists from ancient times to today. Their visual library is easy to access and use for every designer.

Vogue Runway‌

‌Take inspiration from other designers’ collections! Vogue Runway is an app created by the world’s leading fashion publisher. And it offers unlimited access to the world’s latest collections. Their archive contains over 1 million runway images from over 12,000 fashion shows including the new ones and old ones from way back to the 2000s, courtesy of online casinos for real money.

Adobe Illustrator‌‌

Fashion and technical designers use Illustrator to draw flat sketches (or functional sketches) with callouts for construction and styling details to put them in tech packs so your team and manufacturer can easily understand and follow. If you are new to illustrator then there are some great resources available. You can join free webinars and training classes from Fashion Classroom or Sew Heidi.

Repsketch App

Repurpose vector-ready design sketches contributed by fashion professionals.
You don’t always have to draw technical sketches from scratch for all your fashion projects. Apps like Repsketch allow you to re-purpose and customize existing sketches created by the community of top technical fashion designersSelect from a variety of styles from tank tops to gowns and modify as you need. Quickly change the sleeve type, neckline, or add a logo to your garment. Download, embed, or simply share a public link of your designs with the world in web-friendly SVG format. Sign up for early beta access here.


‌Tech packs (or specification sheets) used to be the most time-consuming tasks and every fashion designer will tell you the endless frustrations of creating flat sketches, condensed wordings to fit in a format, amendments, and repeated data entry and fixing those measurements numbers. Techpacker took the challenge of making tech packs better, faster, and together. By breaking down tech packs into cards, the process of creating tech packs becomes simple, visual, collaborative and 70% faster. The beauty of cards is that you can copy, move, reuse, connect and do lots and lots of things with them. You can bring your entire team or manufacturers on Techpacker and integrate it with other apps to make it super powerful.


If you are looking for futuristic pattern-making software, or a way to visualize your sketches in 3D so you can eliminate at least one sample, then you can check out CLO 3D. It begins by picking up a 3D body–avatar or dress form, available in different shapes and sizes. Then either import your own patterns or draw them from scratch directly in CLO. Finally, pair each seam of the garment, and select fabric to see them all coming together in 3D. You can then fine-tune your designs in real time and adjust the pattern.

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