Most Common Ritual Ideas for Your Wedding

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Make your fairytale wedding more personalized by integrating a ritual/s we, at best online casino real money, have listed below that signifies love, romance, and unity.

  1. The Vow Exchange Ritual
    Whether religious, secular or civil, most wedding ceremonies include an exchange of vows. These might follow a certain format, or you might pen them yourselves from scratch! Either way, it’s an opportunity to declare your love for each other, in front of family, friends and/or witnesses, it is done by some users of lecasinoenligne casino en ligne.
  2. The Ring Exchange Ritual
    Another ritual that appears in almost every kind of ceremony, the ring exchange finds the couple exchanging rings and pledging their commitment to one another. The accompanying words may follow a format, or be written from scratch by the couple or celebrant. This ritual dates back to ancient Egypt, with the ring serving as a symbol of the couple’s eternal love.
  3. The Candle-Lighting Ritual

This popular ritual is often included in Christian, Catholic and other religious wedding ceremonies, so it might be a good one include if you’re having a secular ceremony, but would like to add a familiar element for religious family members, which can often make them feel more included. The ritual finds the couple (or sometimes their parents) lighting a common candle (sometimes called a Unity candle) from two individual candles, symbolising their union.

  1. The Sand-Pouring Ritual

A variation on the candle-lighting ritual mentioned above, the sand-pouring ritual finds the couple pouring sand from two individual containers into a single vase or vessel to symbolise their union. Some couples take the sand from beaches near where they grew up or beaches that are particularly special to them, while others use colourful sand to create a decorative item they can then display in their home. Some couples ask members of their family to get involved by adding more containers of sand, symbolising the joining of two families. This is a great option for couples who have children, too!

  1. The Hand- Fasting Ritual or “Tying the Knot”

An ancient Celtic tradition dating back over 2000 years, the hand-fasting ritual finds the couple standing face to face, as a celebrant or family member binds their hands with a special cord or ribbon, as a symbol of their commitment. As well as having an Irish connection, it’s also the ritual that birthed the phrase “tying the knot.”

  1. The Salt-Pouring Ritual

Similar to the sand-pouring ritual above, the salt-pouring ritual involves the couple pouring salt from two individual containers into a single vessel to symbolise their union. They can then use the shared salt to cook at home, making it a great option for food-loving couples. Some couples source salt that’s produced near where they grew up, which we think is a lovely touch!

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