The Wedding Dress For Civil Wedding in the World

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The dress of the bride for a civil wedding lends itself to endless alternatives in terms of cut, type of neckline, textures, and accessories, so it is very difficult to decide on the ideal wedding dress to wear on such a special day.

The most important thing and where special care should be taken is to ensure that the outfit does not lose its essence as a wedding dress, always looking for a choice where the bride feels very comfortable and maintains her personality and charisma intact.

Tips to look splendid in the civil wedding

civil wedding

The civil wedding gives a lot of freedom

civil wedding

The civil ceremony gives a lot of freedom as to how they should dress the brides since there are no formalities and demands that present the religious marriage celebrations, although we must always rely on good taste and common sense.It is important to bear in mind that in the case of not also celebrating a religious union, it becomes the central event.

Depending on the modality

Depending on the modality, civil weddings can be held in official or unofficial places: private houses, salons, restaurants, and in the countryside, or on the beach.

For a civil ceremony in court, civil registry, or city hall, the most appropriate is to opt for an elegant and simple dress, always seeking to highlight the figure and disguise the defects, looking very elegant at all times. In this sense, cocktail dresses are ideal.For a civil liaison outside the official premises, you can opt for an outfit that dazzles the guests. Depending on whether the wedding takes place on a farm, on the beach or in the city, we will look for the most suitable model for the location, looking fabulously well in all cases. The dress can bet on a different and creative model, being able to choose a more daring and transgressive one.If it is a civil wedding prior to a religious ceremony, it is advisable to opt for a simpler outfit for the civil wedding, and so highlight and dazzle with the dress to wear in the ecclesiastical celebration.

Depending on the style you are looking for, you can choose:

Long dress:

civil wedding

It is especially recommended for weddings to be held outside of official premises, and in cases where there is no subsequent religious ceremony, being the central and unique event. In these cases there is a lot of freedom regarding the cut and necklines, being able to choose an open model on the back, or with one or both shoulders exposed. Transparencies are allowed provided they look delicately thin and discreet, looking very elegant and attractive on the back.

Short dress:

civil wedding

The deal for brides who will get married early in the day or in very hot days, for those who perform the ceremony in official premises, as well as for those who additionally celebrate a religious wedding. It is an alternative to be and feel very comfortable and relaxed. The ideal short is 3 or 4 fingers above the knee or mid-leg.


civil wedding

It is a sophisticated choice for the most modern and unbridled brides. It will look extremely thin and glamorous accompanied by a dazzling and daring blouse. There are exquisite designs and cuts, which suit extraordinarily well for the most daring and original brides.

As for the colors of the wedding dress

As for the colors of the wedding dress, there are very attractive alternatives in the ranges of the traditional white, pearl, bone and beige, although you can also opt for other shades of color, especially indicated in the case of brides who will also have the religious celebration.

Dress the groom

The groom also has a wide variety of alternatives, although it must always be in harmony and harmony with the outfit and style chosen by the bride.What always and in every occasion correctly accompanies a bride is a dark suit with a touch of color, be it in the tie, in the vest if it bears it, or in the boutonniere.In the case of a very intimate civil wedding, what you can and will look great, is to wear a more casual or sporty style, although always very elegant.


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