The 9 Economical Dishes For Your Wedding Party

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In addition to choosing the texts for wedding invitations, music, wedding party, wedding centerpieces style and of course your wedding dress, there is a very important aspect: the banquet! Regardless of the type of banquet, you plan to offer at your wedding, here are some proposals that can help you save without sacrificing quality or elegance.

A wedding banquet can be more or less from the services of several times served by elegant waiters, buffet banquets where everyone is served what you want to eat or cocktail type in which the guests do not sit down to eat but instead They keep standing up, chopping canapes and other delicacies that the waiters serve them.


Wedding Party


Pasta is one of the most economical and delicious meals, and well prepared can be a dish of high cuisine so do not hesitate to include it as an option within your banquet or wedding party. If it will be buffet you can have several types of sauce like a rich alfredo sauce with chicken, pesto, gorgonzola, bolognese or the favorite of adults and children, spaghetti with meatballs. If the banquet will be several times then a spaghetti with seafood can be an excellent option.


Wedding Party

Your Wedding Party Serving a rich soup as a first course is an excellent and very economical way to satisfy the appetite of your guests because by the time they reach the main course they will most likely find themselves already somewhat satiated.


Wedding Party

If your Wedding Party will be outdoors or with a more informal air, perhaps the best option is to organize a barbecue; although it is important to consider potential vegetarian guests.


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French fries, baked, mashed, sautéed with fine herbs, the truth is that this golden food is economical, tasty and diverse , so do not hesitate to include a bar dedicated to the potatoes in their different presentations and also add some ingredients that go good with them such as butter, cream, sauces, bacon or whatever else you want.

Mexican dishes

Wedding Party

Mexican cuisine has hundreds of snacks that can be super yummy and delicious, so do not think twice to serve some delicious entrees that include flutes, scopes and other Mexican delicacies.


Wedding Party


Experts say that many of the times we feel hungry we really only need water, so nothing better than having a bar of fresh water prepared, especially if the wedding will be during the hot summer.


Wedding Party

Sushi has become very popular in the world of weddings, especially if the wedding will be a cocktail or semi-formal style. A banquet or a buffet based on sushi may not always be so economical, but the truth is that we always have a friend or a relative who knows how to do it (it’s super simple) so if you dare to do it you can save thousands of pesos and offer something rich, filling and economic .

Salad bar

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Lettuce, corn, tomato, onion, beet, grated carrot … there are hundreds of vegetables that can be offered in a salad bar that will look super complete and colorful without having to spend a lot. So if the wedding will be the buffet, then you can not forget about the salad bar.

Dessert table DIY

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Few things excite children and adults more than a table full of cookies, sweets, candies, and chocolates. If you are a good confectioner then the most economical thing is that at least some of the desserts are made by yourself, such as some pies, pies, cookies or candied peanuts, so you know, go ahead and set up your dessert table. everyone will love it!

Which of these proposals is your favorite? Do not hesitate to use one, two or all. You can accompany them with a simple decoration that integrates thoughts of love embodied in slate-like signs and some original and cheap wedding table centers with Your wedding party, so put into practice your creativity and let your imagination fly.

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