How to Delete a Message in WhatsApp, Befour It was Read

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The posted message in WhatsApp is deleted very simply: tap on it, hold down until the “basket” appears at the top of the screen, and then confirm the decision with the standard OK.

But we suspect that you did not come to this page for not explaining such trivial things to you.You, for sure, are more interested in how in  WhatsApp quickly remove the message, while the recipient has not yet had time to read it. For example, when it went to the wrong person, the wrong chat, or you just need to “take your words back.”

To delete a message in WhatsApp

in WhatsApp

But if you bought a phone with 2 SIM cards and actually paid for a slightly wider functionality, then you will want to realize it as much as possible. Including, and in that part of the possibilities, which relate to the use of instant messengers, social networks, etc.In other words, if it is possible to install 2 Vatsap on one phone with two SIM cards, then why not use it. And such an opportunity, as they say, has a place to be.But just note that you can not use more than one WhatsApp account at the same time. By the rules, again. Because the method below, its developers offer to consider something in the form of not quite an official workaround, which allows the user to carefully solve the issue of the operation of two WhatsApp-accounts on the same phone.

So, Now About How to Install 2 in WhatsApp On One Phone with The Subsequent Comfortable Use of Both Accounts.

  • Move to the Play Store, find and download from there a mobile application called Parallel Space.
  • Install, open and in the list of available applications choose Whatsapp (tick);
  • The program immediately will install the second Vatsap on the phone and after the installation procedure will name it or Whatsapp + (or WhatsApp Beta, or Whatsapp β, etc.), in passing you can also create a shortcut for it with the appropriate name on the desktop;

In WhatsApp

  • Further simply we start this most WhatsApp β and we are authorized in it in the usual way (the unique important moment at this stage: to specify other/second phone number, that is number of the second SIM-ki and not what you already registered in the first Vatsap, and You should be very careful with these, otherwise if you try to specify the same number in both accounts, the system will not work).
  • Finish – you have successfully installed 2 Vatsap on one phone. Congratulations.

And just like with Parallel Space you can “double” on your smartphone Facebook, VC, OK, Telegram and other accounts. If the performance of the device allows, of course.

That is, you need to be in time before a “check mark” appears in the chat next to the message (recall, 1 tick – the message was sent, 2 checkboxes – the message was received, 2 blue check marks – read).

WhatsApp but there was a special feature called ” Remove all » ( the Delete for the Everyone ). She appeared in the messenger after a recent update. So if you have not seen it yet, you must first update in WhatsApp.

From the point of view of practicality, this is implemented quite sensibly. Seeing that the message went “wrong”, but it seems as yet not read, you instantly find it in the chat, quickly tap on it and keep pressing until a small menu pops up on the screen, in which you need to click ” Delete for All “.

“Delete for All” can be applied to all types of WhatsApp messages. I mean, in this way, you can delete not only unread text in the chat but also pictures, GIFs and other pictures, as well as videos and documents. The system works on both iOS- and Android-devices.

in WhatsApp

However … Repeat. If the recipient has already read the message (tick two and they are already blue), then there is no sense to delete ” for everyone “.

Upon the successful deletion of the message, a special notification appears in the chat instead of it, which all the participants of the correspondence see, so you will not be able to hide the fact of sending the message anyway. In addition, you can delete an unread message in this way only within the first 7 minutes after it was sent.

Note also that “Delete for all” only works in new versions of WhatsApp, the old focus just will not work. At the same time, if the message has not been deleted, you will not receive a notification.

[Complemented] There is at least one (albeit slightly extreme) way to delete the sent message in WhatsApp. Moreover, it works even after 7 minutes, that is, and after the function “Delete for all” has already disconnected.

So, even if a lot of time has passed, and you still need to delete, then we try the following:

in WhatsApp

  • Quickly turn off Wi-Fi and mobile Internet in the smartphone (or turn on the flight mode?);
  • Open the “Settings”, tap “Date and time” and “unscrew” the time back before the message was sent, which should now be deleted;
  • Open in WhatsApp, find this message, tap the basket and select “Delete for All”;

in the “Settings” we set the correct time.


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