Best tips to be the fashion for good in the world 2018

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Being always fashionable is not easy and you may sometimes have some doubts about how to do it. Find in this post all you have to know to be a fashion for good at all times.

Fashion always changes but there are some clothes that will never disappear from the catwalks.

At we decided to look into the history and tell you how the cult garments were created that not only changed fashion, but also the entire planet.

Buy quality clothing and accessories

fashion for good

If you are one of those who, in order to have everything in fashion for good, buy cheap and poor quality things, I tell you that it is not the most successful. As I said, there is no need to have so many things to be fashionable, therefore, choose a few quality clothes or accessories, which cost a little more but do not deform over time or lose color.

Simplicity is the boss

Forget the supercharged costumes, because simplicity is the mother of all fashion for good. Try to fill your wardrobe with quiet and basic pieces, which will ensure you make different combinations to create hundreds of different outfits and always in fashion.

Blue jeans

fashion for good

In the seventeenth century in Italian Genoa began to export a cloth similar to cotton corduroy, the prototype of jean. And in 1873, businessman Levi Strauss obtained the patent for the production of “work overalls without straps and pockets for knife, money, and coins”. This was how denim pants became the favorite clothes of shippers, cowboys and treasure hunters, and today, it conquered the whole world. By the way, Strauss’s company still exists: it’s the famous Levi’s brand.


Be unique, but discreet

Many times in pursuit of being fashionable, you end up dressed like all the other girls who also wear trendy clothes. Try to show your individuality with accessories that express your personality and make you look different from others, but without exaggeration.

Try new things

fashion for good

I know that you feel safe with your dark jeans and your usual shirt, but sometimes clothes become fashionable that you never thought could be used and yet are a trend. Go for the colors, prints, and designs that are fashionable, as long as they fit you and you feel comfortable.

Read fashion magazines

fashion for good

There is nothing better to know what the new trends are than to look at fashion magazines. In them, you can find the clothes and accessories that are being used and which are coming for the next season. But you can not only find the best of fashion for good in paper magazines but in the fashion section of IMujer, you will be fully advised.

Little black dress

fashion for good

The little black dress of the legendary Coco is surrounded by many legends. They say that Gabrielle could not stand the bulky and exaggerated dresses and, looking to transform the look of the ladies, she was inspired by the creation of her dress. According to another legend, Chanel invented the dress in 1926 in memory of a deceased lover. Its creation sparked a sensation in the fashion world, and Vogue magazine called it “A” Ford “of dresses.” The little black dress is still an example of good taste and elegance, and may never go out of style.

Do not follow all the trends

Today many things can be fashionable at the same time, of various styles. Choose what suits you best, because you can not get on top of everything that is being used at the moment. Use what suits you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

We warn you and today the latest news from the fashion industry only corroborates what we already announced: Not only will Burberry sell its collection after the fashion show, Tommy Hilfiger has also just announced a change in its strategy to democratize gateway and position the consumer as the center of your fashion for good.



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