Bangkok Guide 2018 – Meet the Capital of Thailand

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If your idea is to know Bangkok, everything will be easier then with our Bangkok Guide for travelers 2018. From Backpackers in Thailand, we offer you this small pocket guide where you will find the different post, where we will try to offer you all the possible information to be able to enjoy of this incredible city and its surroundings.

Bangkok Guide for Travelers 2018

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and its most important city with a population of almost 7 million inhabitants. Thanks to its growing economic development and its great relevance as an international tourist destination, it has become one of the most influential and modern cities in Southeast Asia.

Its location on the banks of the Chao Phraya River historically had an extensive system of canals, which made it known as the Venice of the East or the Venice of the East.  Another name that determined Bangkok in its founding was the City of Angels.


Why travel to Bangkok?

Thailand is one of the most fashionable tourist destinations at present and Bangkok, as capital that it is, is a mandatory stop on any trip.

Bangkok is one of the most westernized Asian cities and in the Thai capital, you can enjoy environments as exotic as diverse and even, sometimes, contradictory between them.bangkok

You will enjoy touring the hundreds of markets that invade the city, enjoying its spicy culinary specialties or visiting some of its many colorful temples. Dare to lose yourself in its noisy and chaotic streets and enjoy the sympathy of its people.


In this section, we give you different tips on what to do in Bangkok, what to see or visit. With the following list, you will find information about all that Bangkok can offer you, all the information of the main attractions that you can find in Bangkok.You will also find information and tips to know what to do in Bangkok in 3 days of visit and what kind of activities you can do for free.

How to go to Bangkok



Bangkok is the starting point to go to many destinations, whether in the north of Thailand or in the south of Thailand. In this section, we inform you about how to go from Bangkok to the most popular destinations in the country.

Where to Sleep in Bangkok


In Bangkok, you can find all types of accommodation, from very cheap hotels and hostels in the Khao San Road area, higher quality hotels in other central areas of Bangkok or even hotels near the airport.

Discover our Bangkok guide for travelers with specialized themes

If you are looking for a more direct access to our Bangkok Guide for travelers we leave you these mini-guides with the most segmented information, more at hand.

Cheap Accommodation Guide in Bangkok:

Information on the best hotels in Bangkok based on their quality and the ratings of the users of different booking portals.

Transport Guide in Bangkok:


Practical information about the network and types of transport that you can find in Bangkok when traveling around the city. Information about taxis, public buses and Bangkok Metro and Skytrain network.

One day excursion guide  in Bangkok:

From Bangkok, you can do a lot of 1-day excursions in a comfortable and independent way. In this mini-guide, we tell you which are the famous and which is the easiest way to go to them.

Shopping guide in Bangkok:


Bangkok is ideal for shopping during the trip. In Bangkok, you can find all kinds of items and a variety of places, from modern shopping centers to street markets.


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