Travel in Pattaya and Bangkok, leave your shoes in Thailand

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Have you ever thought about how many things that seem normal to us are typical travel in Pattaya and Bangkok of our culture? Since we arrived in Asia we have almost never been put a knife between the cutlery, we have met a 22-year-old girl who had never hugged a man, we have taken off our shoes to enter almost anywhere, we have inclined our heads to Thank you … Being born in one place or another not only conditions your life but also your way of seeing the world. And all cultures have a lot to teach us.


Travel in Pattaya

From tuk-tuk to a local bus and from there to the city of Travel in Pattaya and Bangkok. What is Pattaya? Many things, but its central area at night has become a giant brothel. Streets and streets full of “discos”, “massage houses”, “bars”, “hostels” … where without doing much and paying little you can end up sleeping accompanied.

The Pattaya seafront is a parade of prostitutes that will easily last half an hour. The city combines a youthful, quiet-looking atmosphere, of people looking to spend a crazy night … with the disgusting perversion of those seeking there what they cannot legally find elsewhere: girls, for example. A fun place for healthy minds, a dark place for perverse minds. I must admit that we took a walk around the area because, in a place like that, journalistic curiosity calls you. But our night was not much further than a couple of supermarket beers. From there to the hotel, the apparently most normal one we found …

Travel in Pattaya

When dawn breaks, the neon lights and heels disappear and a different city emerges. We passed through Pattaya because it was halfway between Bangkok and Cambodia. There we have taken the bus that has brought us to Cambodia, from where we now write to you. We left Thailand, at least for this year. A country that has surprised us all for good, that has left us wanting to continue seeing, much more developed than anticipated, as vicious as they paint it but with an infinitely greater offer than massages with a happy ending.


Travel in Pattaya

We woke up to the point of the morning, surprisingly rested, and without taking away theTravel in Pattaya and Bangkok we went in search of a better accommodation. Nor do we find anything of the other world, but more than enough. Definitely installed, Bangkok moment. Come, seriously, confess, how do you imagine Bangkok? Insane? Chaotic? Dark? In the style of Resacón 2? Sorry friends, I have to dismantle another prejudice. Being the capital of Thailand, I’m sure Bangkok will hide corners of a lot of vices but in general, it left us with good feelings. It is a pleasant city, with an offer for all tastes and with lots of culture and leisure. Okay, we only stayed two days, but in that time we created a lot of desire for more. Especially being so well accompanied.

What to see in Bangkok

Travel in Pattaya

Well, everyone, we are irresistible. With this gang we would spend the rest of the day, seeing Bangkok from his slanted eyes. Due to the large size of the city, he gave for what he gave, but it was more than enough. Our first stop was the Grand Palace.

Wat Pho temple

Travel in Pattaya

The third time the alarm sounded we woke up the next morning with two ideas in our heads: a) See something else from Bangkok; b) Leave Bangkok. Both plans went according to plan. Time to break up. I open parentheses. Buy food in Thailand is complicated and that, supermarkets to use, there is no … or we have not known to find them. Every 3 stores there is a Seven Eleven that is a store franchise in which a little of nothing is sold. So it almost costs more to eat four biscuits in this country than to buy you a sack of rice … grill. It’s their customs, you have to respect them. I close parentheses. Breakfast, we left for Wat Pho Temple, another of the recommended visits in this city. Not as spectacular as the Grand Palace but cheaper and with enough points of interest.

Among them, the largest recumbent Buddha in Thailand. And you will say, and what record is it? Well you see, just as the main representation of Christ in Christianity is the cross, Buddha in Buddhism can appear in many positions: lying down, reclining, half lying down-half reclined, one hand up, the half-turn, Kuduro Dance … And almost All the important temples we have Travel in Pattaya and Bangkok hang the medal of having the greatest Buddha in a certain position. Those who have small are content to say they have the largest neighborhood. That said, this one did impress.

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