The fashion item from an ancient island

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Men’s Aran Sweaters are wonderful creations that would be adored for decades. However, the Aran Islands later changed their name to Aran, which is Irish for “down.” Therefore, the Aran Sweater took its name from this spot on the western coast of Ireland where it originally originated many generations back.

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These sweaters come in several colors and styles. They are quite comfortable to wear around the house as well as while taking part in outdoor activities, especially when it’s chilly outside. One of the things that make these sweaters special is that they have been crafted using the finest wool materials. They would therefore remain wrinkle-free even after being worn for several years, thereby making them a worthwhile investment.

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The mens Aran Sweaters are available in a couple of designs from places like Shamrock Gift. There are those that come in long sleeve varieties and those which come in short sleeves. There are also those which are classic and traditional, while others have a more modern look to them. Some of these sweaters would have a plaid like design, while others would have stripes or other type of pattern on them. All the designs however, have the same character and this would include the aran, which would represent a truly Irish, natural, and down to earth kind of character.


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