Why You Should Insulate Your Loft

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There are many reasons why you should insulate your loft which I will explain below. You may have been told that you should improve the heat insulation of your house, perhaps because it is very cold despite the heating always being on. You may also be interested in conserving energy to do your bit to help the environment. Read on to find out more reasons why you should insulate your loft.

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The first obvious reason is that your house isn’t so unbearably cold in the winter. If your home is not good at retaining heat, you will be more inclined to turn the heating up and have it on more often. This is not good for the environment or your finances, as you’ll have very high heating bills! Also, switch to an energy provider that uses 100% renewable energy. Not only are they helping the environment by avoiding the use of fossil fuels which create greenhouse gases, but also are usually cheaper than other mainstream energy companies. They should also provide you with smart meters that can help you measure how much gas and electricity you are using.

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Next, you should insulate your loft to conserve energy. It is a vital step to making your house more eco-friendly. Along with reducing your plastic waste, and using less water, you will be on your way to having an environmentally friendly home.

Lastly, insulating your loft can actually increase the value of your home if you are looking to sell it. This is because insulated houses are more energy efficient and better to live in. Consider it a good investment.

There are many ways to insulate your loft, and plenty of eco-friendly materials to choose from such as wool, loose filled cellulose, and even denim. A lot of heat can be lost through downlights so it would be good to cover them with Downlight Covers.

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