What to Ask a Potential Home Builder

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So you are looking to buy a home and you are wondering what to ask a potential home builder? The best way to start the process is to make a list of questions that you would like to have answers to when you begin planning your project.

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Some of the main questions to ask a potential home builder include, what is your schedule, how many years experience have you in the building field, can you provide references if they are available, can you tell me the average time it takes to finish one project, and can you tell me the average cost per square foot? You will also want to know who your main contact will be.

Once you have your list of what to ask, now it is time to take it to the next level; the interview. Most companies will be more than happy to meet for a consultation and provide a no obligation quote. This is the best chance you have to get personal questions answered. For more information on Construction Companies Manchester, visit Piggott and Whitfield

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Now that you have the list of what to ask a home builder, it is time to start contacting some. Start with the ones that you are most interested in building a home with, then move on to those that you have a little more skepticism about. If you don’t feel comfortable with a certain builder, move on as you won’t feel comfortable with the project.


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