Campaign calls for aerial signals to be guaranteed beyond 2040

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Currently, freeview television can be viewed via either an internet connection, or through an aerial. The use of an aerial is guaranteed for the broadcast of TV and radio until 2040.

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A petition asking the UK government to guarantee that this access continues beyond this 2040 limit, has now passed 10,000 signatures. According to Arqiva, “9 in 10 people want to see continued support for Digital Terrestrial TV and broadcast radio”, making this an issue that is close to the nation’s hearts. There are an estimated 35 million TV sets through which viewers regularly watch TV using Freeview services, demonstrating the potential scale of the issue should this service stop.

Cost of living impact

The cost of living crisis makes this issue all the more pressing. With many households struggling with finances, television subscription services are one of the items being removed from many budgets. Instead, many households are opting for the use of Freeview services. TV aerial repair in Gloucester is becoming an important service because of this, with many who previously relied on subscription services having their aerials repaired to enable them to access television without use of the internet or expensive monthly fees for streaming services. Imagine the disappointment when poorer households discover that TV aerial repair Gloucester may not be enough to guarantee access to their favourite TV shows in the longer term.

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Internet access required for streaming services is yet another expense that many households risk being unable to shoulder. For faster speeds, costs rise quickly. This risks placing additional stress on already stretched household budgets at a time when many simply don’t have any room for manoeuvre.

An ageing population

The UK population is steadily growing older. As technology evolves, these older members of our communities often struggle to access services such as the internet. There is concern from some age-related charities that removing the guarantee of access may make TV and radio a thing of the past for some older people. These charities have spoken of concerns regarding increasing isolation and loneliness, with some elderly people using the TV and radio as a means of connecting with wider society. If this is taken away, there is a risk loneliness increases, and in tandem, concerns regarding mental health and cognition. For some, it really is a far more pressing issue than simply missing a favourite soap.

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