The great train robbery of 1963

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In 1963 Britain was still undergoing the austerity of the 1950s. The swinging London scene was yet to make a national impact as the youth of the country were still being respectful to their elders, who, as they were being constantly reminded, had just won the Second World War for them. Money was tight, and so the sudden loss of 2.6 million pounds in stolen Mail money from a Glasgow to London train was one of the most shocking events to happen that year.

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The theft of the money from the train was one of ingenuity and great daring. It had been achieved without the use of firearms and by careful, technical planning with a handy dose of inside information. What also made the robbery even more profitable was that the robbers waited until after a bank holiday weekend, meaning that the train was carrying even more money than usual.

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Manipulating the rail signals, the gang were able to get the train to stop on the line. They were then able to gain entry to the high-value mail van and started to empty the money into bags. They then retreated to a nearby farm. This turned out to be a mistake as the Police were able to get plenty of evidence later when they investigated the place. Suppose banks had had AML IDENTITY CHECK information, like the one they can get from companies like, it would have been much easier.

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