A home fit for a duchess, the remarkable, Chatsworth House

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One of the most magnificent, palatial private homes, Chatsworth House incorporates one-hundred and twenty-six rooms, half a mile of passageways joining seventeen staircases and a football pitch sized roof!   The remarkable grounds stretch over 100 acres and are tended and cared for by a dedicated team of more than twenty full-time gardeners. The seventy stone sculptures add a touch of elegance and grace to the landscaped grounds. The 300-yard-long pond can make it seem like the whole house is floating on water as the sun sparkles amongst the fountains and water features.

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This is the beautiful home of the past and present Dukes of Devonshire and has been their rightful inheritance for over 500 years. Passed down through a long line of sixteen generations this grand stately home has a large, dedicated staff who tenderly and carefully clean and maintain all the priceless heirlooms that line the rooms and hallways, as well as making sure all health and safety guidelines that are necessary in a home this large are carried out. Keeping a comprehensive first-aid kit alongside several fire extinguishers and blankets as well as a supply of Spill Kits, (supplied by a company such as https://hydepark-environmental.com/spill-response/spill-kits) just in case of a chemical accident is essential in a property this large.

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One of the most memorable parts of this wonderful home fit for a Duchess is the Painted Hall, created in the seventeenth century. This vast space is festooned with brilliant colours from the painted ceiling.

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