How to match your shorts to your build

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Shorts are a fantastic option for casual dressing in warm weather; however, it is important to select the right style. Not all shorts are the same and neither are all bodies. For the best look, you want to choose the shorts that will be most flattering to your frame.

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A good fit is vital

It is a good idea to be aware of the length of your legs when it comes to choosing shorts. The conventional wisdom is that shorts should end either just above or just below your knees. You will also want to think about the width of the leg, especially if you have large quadriceps.

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The width of the leg opening also has an impact on the silhouette; for example, a slim opening creates a more tapered look compared with a wider, flared finish. In general, if the shorts are a squeeze and there is no space between skin and fabric, they are probably too tight.

Get to know the inseam

The leg length of shorts is determined by the inseam and is around ten inches for shorts to the knee, nine to ten inches when ending above the knee, and around four inches for shorter shorts that end at the upper thigh.

The length of your shorts is purely a personal choice; however, for stockier builds, shorts that end at the knee are often a good option as they optimise the length of the legs. For men whose build is regular, shorts that end just above the knee tend to work well. Slim men can wear shorter shorts, which can also make them look taller.

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The Guardian featured a fashion spread early this year showcasing lots of colours and styles.

When it comes to shorts, comfort and personal preference are key; however, depending on your build, some styles will be better than others for helping you to look your best.


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