Trees can damage drains and sewers

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We are lucky as human beings to be able to change the environment in which we live. With modern technological advancements we can adjust the temperature in our homes, keep our food hot or cold and can remove all of our waste products far away from home.

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In order to allow us to continue to live in the conditions that we have become accustomed to there are a number of home systems that we need to maintain. Our drains and sewers for example can become clogged if we don’t keep an eye on the items that get washed down our sinks. This might seem like an obvious one to look out for. But, how about trees that you have near your property, how often do you think about those?

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The chances are probably not very often. Tree roots when planted too close to sewer systems can cause damage to the pipes, this can result in leaks and blockages, especially if the roots start to tangle in the pipework. If you are experience a problem with your drainage CCTV Drainage Surveys like the ones from can help identify where the issue is. You can then arrange to have the roots removed and the drains repaired.

If you are looking to add some trees to your garden you should ensure that you plant them away from the drainage networks and check how far and deep the roots of your chosen tree could travel. Pruning your tree will also help to keep the root network from spreading too far.

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