Why are Smear Tests So Important?

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There are many reasons that women who are sexually active should consider undergoing a smear test at the doctor’s office. One of the most important reasons is that a false negative result could potentially put a woman at risk for developing cancer or other serious health problems. A false negative test can indicate that something else is wrong, but if that is not the case then a woman could be exposing herself to health risks. Therefore, when a woman does undergo a smear test, it is very important for her to understand the results and what they mean. She should ask her health care provider what she should do next and what sort of symptoms that she should watch for so that she can be prepared to deal with the situation if it arises.

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The test is usually very easy to understand and the results are not hard to interpret. Women who take the test often report feeling a bit dizzy when the test is finished, but this sensation usually disappears within a few hours. It is an uncomfortable procedure and typically takes less than ten minutes. After the test, there will be a short questionnaire that the woman should answer honestly. This will ask about any health issues that might be related to her cervical cancer, premenstrual symptoms, recent or past use of oral contraceptives, and other questions regarding her personal sexual history.

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