Interesting Facts About Stainless Steel

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Most people know that stainless steel is a major component in cookery and metal fabrication but very few of us are aware of its technical details. Even though stainless steel has been used for ages in all fields, its use in manufacturing has been limited to making kitchen ware. However, over the years stainless steel made appearances in other fields including electronics, automobiles, marine engineering, aerospace, construction, furniture, medical equipment, and military applications. It has now become one of the fundamental metals used for bending machines in industries where high strength and toughness are a must.

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Tapping Machines such as those from  made out of stainless steels are mostly resistant to corrosion apart from being able to resist extreme heat. Though stainless steel has almost the same tensile strength as iron, it offers much greater mechanical flexibility along with excellent ductility, tensile strength and creep resistance. These qualities make it a perfect candidate to be used for making pipes, tubes, fittings, pumps, clutches, shafts, connecting rods, retainers, rollers, gears, bolts, holsters, pinions, connecting strips, gear drives, rollers and much more. Though there are some drawbacks such as welding helmets being hazardous, its overall performance remains intact.

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The best grade for this type of steel is known as Molybdenum, which is resistant to both acid and alkali. So far the best grade of alloy that is chemically benign and ductile is known as a grade of Molybdenum with a low resistance to high temperatures. This type of stainless steel can be used for both hot and cold bending. Apart from all these facts about stainless steel, it is evident that it has emerged as one of the best all round tools for manufacturing.


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