Why learning a new skill, such as sewing, knitting or crocheting can keep you young and active

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No matter how old you are, learning a new skill such as sewing, knitting or crochet can help to keep you young and active.  Concentrating on patterns, focusing on the use of knitting or crochet needles, or working on a cross-stitch sewing project, all these skills can help to keep your mind bright and alert.  Crochet Blanket Kits supplied by a professional company such as http://www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/blanket-and-cushions-crochet-kits can be purchased easily on line and come complete with everything you need to make your new, beautiful, crochet shawl, blanket, cushion cover or whatever you choose to buy. Joining a club where people of all ages, genders, religions and colour meet to work on their craft can be an ideal way of making new friends and improving your technical skills. Schools and colleges are also seeing the benefits of encouraging their pupils to sit together, knit, crochet or sew, children communicate better and learn to help each other in a productive way.

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Doctors and other health professionals have noticed that patients who take up a craft such as knitting, sewing or crochet see a much better and speedier recovery rate than those who don’t. They have recorded improvements in patients with early signs of Dementia and other illnesses where mental well-being is involved. Doctors are actively encouraging patients to take up any of these crafts and to join a club where they can socialise outside of their homes. Especially in the aftermath of the Covid Pandemic when lots of vulnerable adults and children were forced to stay at home and not see family and friends for fear of contracting the deadly virus.

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Anyone who was already struggling with a Mental-health issue really suffered badly having to stay home and isolate, so now that the majority of people are allowed to freely mingle again Doctors, Counsellors and Therapists are all actively encouraging their patients to try joining a club and learning a new skill, particularly a practical one. You don’t have to be ill or a recovering patient to join a club or enjoy learning a new craft skill.  Anyone of any age can participate in one of these activities and enjoy the benefits of completing a knitted scarf, pair of gloves, baby’s blanket or other soft, woollen item.

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